CHARACTERS: Villains, Antagonists & Anti-heroes

Sometimes it might be hard to tell which characters fit into these categories – especially if you have a large cast like I do. I’m a deep thinker, so I think about this sort of thing a lot. Villains are usually antagonists (occasionally a villain might happen to be a protagonist though it’s rare), but there are … More CHARACTERS: Villains, Antagonists & Anti-heroes

Is It Only Fantasy? Is It Only Fiction?

The most outrageous claim in the world of literature is that the stories we authors write are nothing but fiction; that they’re only tales derived from figments of our imaginations.  I’ve lost clarity in assignments I’ve written for my degree in English Literature because I’ve dared to look upon the characters I am reading about as real people.  In … More Is It Only Fantasy? Is It Only Fiction?

Untamed Fantasy I

If, like me, you enjoy adventurous fantasy, you might have noticed there are those who believe some of the major players of the genre overused.  I wonder if anyone has ever considered why those concepts are utilised so much in the first place? Elves, dragons, wizards, fairies, dwarves; you name it, they’ve been done before and … More Untamed Fantasy I

The Expectations of Fantasy II: On What Has Gone Before

In my last post I discussed some of the more recent themes in fantasy books whereby the adventurous elements of the genre seem to have dwindled since the year 2000.  Don’t get me wrong, there are still adventurous fantasy stories being told, but there seem to be fewer of them (at least from what I … More The Expectations of Fantasy II: On What Has Gone Before